Hemp – textiles and clothing

Hemp fibre facts

  • Hemp is the longest and strongest natural plant fibre.
  • Hemp fibre is stronger when wet than when dry.
  • Hemp cloth is extremely hard wearing. It outwears cotton and other natural fibres.
  • Hemp fabric improves with washing and wearing. Over time it becomes softer without losing its shape or appearance.

Hemp fabric features

  • Pure hemp is an amazingly durable fabric. When washed it constantly reveals a new surface, becoming softer with use. Given reasonable care it will render a lifetime of service.
  • Hemp fabric rapidly absorbs moisture, which accounts for its coolness and comfort when used for clothing or bedding.Because of its strength when wet it does not weaken with washing. Canvas is hemp! (The term canvas describes the materials used to make the cloth and comes from the Arabic name for hemp – Cannabis). Until recently whenever the word canvas was used it referred only to hemp cloth.

ref: Margaret River Hemp Co

Historic hemp fibre facts

  • Hemp is one of the oldest plants used by mankind. It has been cultivated for thousands of years and Hemp seeds have been found in archaeological excavations over much of the World.
  • Some of the oldest paper found in tombs in China was made from hemp fibre.
  • Hemp cloth has been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt.
  • Hemp ropes, cords and fabrics were essential to the early exploration of the World, providing ropes and sails for ships, shelter and clothing for settlers.
  • Hemp was, for many years, essential to the economy of many countries.
  • In the United States of America, for 200 years, taxes could be paid in bales of hemp.
  • The first drafts of the American Constitution were written on hemp paper and William Shakespeare wrote on hemp paper.
  • Many famous artists painted on canvas (hemp).

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