Our website is freshly germinated and has alot of growing to do prior the public harvest of information (under construction).

Industrial Hemp Western Australia Association Inc. (iHempWA) is a new public not-for-profit incorporated association. Our vision is to establish, develop and support a sustainable and prosperous hemp industry for Western Australia.

We will foster the publics growing awareness of hemp and increase general demand for hemp products, with a multi media, educational marketing strategy. By revealing the true nature of the cannabis sativa plant, its ancient and modern history, its vast array of uses, a myriad of products that can be made from hemp and the potential economical, ecological and ethical value for our mother earth and her people.

To supply the growing demand for hemp products, it’s imperative we (public agencies and private investors with grower cooperatives and iHempWA) work together to establish (acquire or engineer, construct, maintain and run) first stage decortication processing facilities at regional growing centres in WA.

We will strive to create open communication and build collaborative working relationships with existing local, state and national public agencies, private investors and other organisations to realise our vision to provide hemp farmers with processing facilities.

We will provide licensing and agronomic information to potential and established hemp farmers state-wide via our website and develop a regional support network on the ground.

We have a lot of work to do and need many varied skillsets to reach our goals. We invite everyone who supports our vision to join our green team and we welcome, with love and gratitude, new financial members and donations on our website: ihempwa.org

A donation to iHempWA is an ethical investment in our collective future…

There’s a groundswell building and a green wave coming…

iHempWA working together for a better world.