A Great Strategy Planning Workshop

A great Strategy Planning Workshop it was on Wednesday at Valley Social. Feed back thus far received has all been very encouraging. Huge thank you to all these wonderful people, especially Iggy and Bec of Hemp Squared for their facilitation, Hon Sophia Moermond of Legalise Cannabis Party, our committee and members, our sponsors, industry stakeholders, private and public for their presence and PARTICIPATION!
The initial Strategy Development Document is now available to all members of iHempWA when logged in, within members documents.

Committee: Georgina Wilkinson, Alison Rogers, Colleen Roberts, Hon Sophia Moermond, Iggy Van, Gail Stubber, Sharlene Mavor, David Chick

You’ll all be notified as we develop the plan in preparation for public launch at the Legalise Cannabis Party 420 event TBA