Can I build with hemp?

Q What are the benefits of building with hemp?

Grow your own house

It is an environmentally friendly material, not only in purifying the soil of heavy metals as it grows.

It is also fire proof, termite resistant and can be used as insulation, sealants, prevents mould, breathable and nontoxic walls, it is also biodegradable.

No heating or cooling required

Captures 40 tons of carbon emission per hectare.

Ref: hemp homes act

Ref: M.R hemp Co

Gary Rodgers

Q How long between growing the plant and using it as a building material?

14 weeks growing

One growing season

4 months

Ref: hemp homes Australia “Grow your house”

Q How much hurd (fibre) is needed to build a house?

One hectare of hemp produces about 60 cubic metres of hurd enough to build and insulate a 135sq metre house.

Ref: Isochanvre French Hemp Building Co

Q Is it an expensive material to use – cost of building?

On par with traditional double brick homes at this time but is expected to come down in price as more hemp is being grown.

building with hemp