Hemp Seed Workshop success

A year of planning and collaboration comes to fruition. The Hemp Seed Testing and Certification Workshop was well organised and appreciated by all in attendance.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) staff provided the nuts and bolts information part of the industry has been seeking, a breakdown of the processes around seed certification and testing and a brief view into the convoluted legal frameworks regulating foods derived from hemp seed.

Rob Bell of Bell Seeds gave a sobering presentation covering seed cleaning, drying and storage.  The ins and outs of importing hemp seed was presented by Gail Stubber of HempGro, the WA Hemp Farmers Co-op. Wallace Cowling from UWA Agriculture and Environment bought his canola breeding experience to the Cannabis Sativa space, having recently returned from north America, he was obviously impressed by the growth and economic investment into the hemp industry there from the number of times he mentioned it.

The key takeaways; source and use quality seed; maintain a long term view; we need to work together, share information and lesson learned.

Our vice chairperson, David Chick, was the final speaker and invited the audience to tell us what needs to be done. It’s clear the big industry opportunity is legal use of whole plant for; CBD, stock feed, tea, etc. Also more education and lack of information was also a priority of the group. The feedback confirms that iHempWA are on track, engaging MPs alerting them to the opportunities while educating and sharing information with all with eyes to see.

iHempWA have been working hard behind the scenes, on behalf of it’s members and the emerging hemp industry to deliver the Hemp Seed Workshop. Hosted by the DPIRD at their Bunbury offices Thursday 5 September and co-presented with HempGro. Thanks to all involved, organisers, presenters and attendees.

We appreciate all your support and are excited to be building this industry together.

iHempWA members can view the presentation slides in the members area within their account