Industrial hemp industry kick-started with new committee

The newly formed Industrial Hemp Western Australia Association Inc. (iHempWA) celebrated the

formation of its inaugural committee on Sunday 4 October.

In its first Annual General Meeting, held in Margaret River, the Association attracted 28 enthusiastic

supporters of industrial hemp and the growth of the WA industry.

A committee of 12 was elected, including Office Bearers Glen Ossey-Orley (Chair), Georgina

Wilkinson (Vice chair), David Chick (Secretary) and Bronwyn Blake (Treasurer).


Glenn Ossy-Orley in a hemp crop. Photo: David Chick

Founding member of iHempWA and newly elected secretary, David Chick, said he was humbled by

the passion and energy exuded by all attendees and the talent of the new committee.

“We have an impressive diversity of skills and experience within the committee”, David said.

“The combination of talent and drive will ensure our success in progressing industry development.”

“We have a long and challenging road ahead of us, but we all strongly believe in our cause and our

vision towards a more sustainable environment and economy,” David said.

Hemp is the popular name for low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) strain of the plant Cannabis sativa.

Its uses include, but are by no means limited to, paper, textiles, rope, biofuel, bioplastic and building.

Hemp’s greatest attributes are in the health arena; nutritional hemp seed foods and stockfeed are

currently prohibited by law in Australia and New Zealand.

Hemp is a low input crop requiring little water, no pesticide or herbicide and can easily be grown

organically using natural fertilisers.

iHempWA is aiming to pave the way for successful growth of the industry, which currently has only a

handful of licensed growers.

More growers are required to supply the ever-increasing demand for hemp products.

The Association will also seek funding to develop a processing facility.

A website is currently being developed but in the meantime for more information on hemp products,

benefits and opportunities visit and like our facebook page Industrial Hemp Western Australia

Association Inc.

call Glen Ossey-Orley 9756 1332 – 0429 933 236 re: growing

and Georgina Wilkinson 9758 8600 re: products


About iHempWA

Cannabis sativa is hemp Hemp is the strongest natural fibre in the world, it is believed to have 50,000 different uses. Hemp cultivation requires little to no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and can yield 3-8 dry tons of fibre per acre, 4 times that of trees.

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