Growing Hemp on Western Australia

All growers require a license to cultivate, harvest and process industrial hemp. Licenses are issued through the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia, who act as the Registrar for the Industrial Hemp Act 2004.

License applicants must provide details on: activities for which the license is required, financial resources and relevant skills and experience to undertake these activities, a plan of the property and proposed site for cultivation, proposed security arrangements at the premises, and source of seed to be sown. A police clearance and 2 character references per applicant are also required.

Licensees may sow crops of industrial hemp for fibre or seed production using approved seed sources. Once a crop has been sown a notification of sowing must be provided to the Registrar. A representative will take a random sample of each crop for THC analysis.

More information can be found at and searching ‘Hemp’.

We are working to provide more detailed information re: Growing Hemp on Western Australia, a detailed flow chart streamlining the process, licensing etc…  and contact details of association members who offer regional support. Thank you for your patience

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