The Cannabis sativa flowers can be used for medicine, food*and flower arrangements

The whole seed

is high in essential fatty acids, amino acids, protein, fibre and provides the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 for the human body.

The hull (external shell of seed) is removed, crushed and available as protein powder. The nut (unhulled seed) is split and available as hemp seed.

The oil (pressed from dehulled seed) is available as hemp seed oil.
Seedcake (fiber remaining after pressing nut for oil) can be made into flour and used for stock feed. Hemp seed can be used to produce a wide range of food products and supplements for people and animals, cereals, nut milk, nut butter, dressings, bird seed, fish food, stock fodder.

* Hemp seed oil can be used to produce body care products, oil
paint, solvent, varnish, print ink, lubricant and biofuel.

In a crop situation the leaves reduce weed competition and return nutrients back to the soil. Leaves are very absorbent, good for animal bedding, mulch and compost.

Raw leaves can be used in juice, smoothies and salads.*Hemp leaves can be used medicinally via aromatherapy,topical application and/or internal consumption.

The stems can be used to produce paper products,textile products; floor coverings, rope, geo-textiles and spill kits composite products; molded car parts and bio-plastics, construction products; hempcrete, insulation, sealants and
glass, energy storage products; batteries, energy via pyrolosis, soil regeneration via biochar, feedstock, mulch, compost and pet bedding.

The potential therapeutic value of the roots is being rediscovered. Cannabis sativa roots can be used for topical remedies and in a crop situation will help regenerate the soil providing organic compost and nutrients when turned
back into the earth. *Consumption of hemp foods is not yet legal in Australia